6 Peak + 6 Brew Teams are 6 Runner-1 Van Teams that pair up with another 6 Runner-1 Van Team to make a Standard 12 Runner-2 Van Team.



The hardest thing for Team Captains and runners interested in doing P2B is organizing and locking on 12 Runners for a Standard Team. Our answer, provide an avenue for Standard Teams to participate with only having to organize 1 Van (6 Runners):

  • Only need to find 5 other Runners besides yourself
  • Only need to organize and secure 1 Van
  • GREAT OPPORTUNITY to meet some new runners and make some new friends



Besides for having to only keep track of 5 Runners vs. 11 Runners, below are some areas to consider (remember you will only overlap and interact with the other Team/Van you get paired up with at Packet Pickup, Major Exchanges, and Finish):

  • Willing to work with a random Team of likeminded runners to accomplish the same goal…run 220+ miles as a Team and enjoy some cold ones at Saranac Brewery.
  • No Guarantee on your Van preference
    • We will do our best to meet your desired van, but be prepared to Run the Legs in Van #1 (4 Legs/Runner) or Van #2 (3 Legs/Runner)
  • No promises on being paired up with another Team that meets the following:
    • Ex: Same Team pace, same competitiveness, same likes/dislikes, same Gender division, etc.
    • We will do our best to pair you up with a Team with a similar Team pace.
  • Rare possibility you are not partnered with another Van. This will only potentially happen to one 6 Peak + 6 Brew Teams if we end up with an uneven number of Teams registered.
    • We will do our best to have a backup 6 Peak + 6 Brew Team on reserve if this happens.  Worst case you run your desired Van # preference and we hold you at the Major Exchanges for the required time window.



6 Peak + 6 Brew Teams will register the same way as Standard Teams with the following differences:

  • 1 Team Captain per Van: Only register 6 Runners per Team
    • Answer some additional questions to help us pair you with another
  • Will have the same Team Number as partner Van, but each Van will have it's own Team Name
  • Will be notified weeks in advance of Race Day on your partner Team. We recommend the following:
    • Team Captains communicate with one another before Race
    • Get to know one another, plan a meet and great, discuss logistics, contact info, etc.
    • Preferred, to have both Vans present at Packet Pickup together