How Relay’s Transformed My Perspective on Running

HOW RELAY’S TRANSFORMED MY PERSPECTIVE ON RUNNING By: Rob from the “ADK Honey Badger Team” I can remember the first time I realized that I hated to run. It was in 8th grade and that time of year where every student had to run a mile. How fast you ran that mile would determine the shape your heart was in. I had lost my Father to a heart attack at a young age so heart health was important to me. … Read More

Put Your Own Mask On First

Put Your Own Mask On First By: Tim Skjellerup on February 14, 2016   While on the plane waiting for take off on the way to our honeymoon last year, my wife and I got the experience of sitting through the safety briefing that the flight attendants give before every flight. When they got to the part about “in case of cabin depressurization” they explained that an oxygen mask would fall from the ceiling and than you should put your … Read More

Maximize Your Relay Experience

Maximize Your Relay Experience: 6 Quick Tips to Help You Get the Most From Your Relay Weekend By: Tim Skjellerup on November 7, 2015   From experiencing beautiful scenery first hand, to having a great time with old friends and making new friends, running a long distance relay (LDR) can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience. However, if you’re not prepared it can be difficult and stressful for both yourself and your team. Here are six tips that can … Read More

Team Dynamics: 10 Tips to Help You Build Your Relay Team

Team Dynamics:   10 Tips to Help You Build Your Relay Team By: Tim Skjellerup on October 31, 2015   So! You have made your decision and you’re going to sign up for a long distance relay race (LDR). However, if you have not been invited onto a team, you may decide to be a team captain and start your own team.  You begin to think to yourself ”Where do I start?” Who should I ask to join?  What are the logistical issues? How much is it … Read More

Why Long Distance Relay Races (LDR’s) are so Popular

Running With the Pack: Why Long Distance Relay Races (LDR’s) are so Popular By, Tim Skjellerup on October 21, 2015 One of the fastest growing and most popular style of running road races is the long distance, van-supported relay race (or LDR). These races vary in distance and location but there are some commonalities that you see across all the races. Click here to find out more about how LDRs work:  P2B Race Overview The most distinguishing factor of the … Read More