Peak to Brew is the ULTIMATE relay experience. It brings runners up close and personal with some of the most beautiful parts of the US while building relationships that will last a lifetime.Description
Van #1 = 4 Legs/Runner & Van #2 = 3 Legs/Runner for Standard & 6 Peak + 6 Brew Teams over the course of the Peak to Brew Relay. Each "Leg” as it is known in the relay world is between 2-12 miles long. The Peak to Brew Relay is a demanding race, however legs vary in difficulty, and runners can choose their legs. This unique race format makes the Peak to Brew an accessible race for beginner runners yet challenging enough for the most competitive runners.
No, You do not need to have your entire team formed before you sign up. We recommend you register early to get in on the early registration and to secure your Teams spot in the limited field. You can then work on finalizing your team and getting people committed to the event.
Yes, you can add or substitute team members for free up until the cut off date of 31 July. After that you can still add or substitute team members however we can not guarantee T-shirt sizes for the new runner if different than the previous registered runner. Also Team Pace of the new runner should be maintained if possible to ensure accurate Start Time.
Yes, The team fee is paid in full at the time of team registration. Team Captains pay for the entire registration fee and then coordinate with their Teams on payment to the Team Captain. This is another good reason to register early to ensure you give time for your Team members to commit and plan for the event in advance.
You assemble your own team through people you know like family, friends, co-workers and other acquaintances. If you are unable to find 12 runners (Standard Team)/6 runners (Ultra Team) you can run with as few as 7 runners on a Standard Team and 4 runners on an Ultra Team. Your Team will then be responsible for determining which runners run the extra legs from the missing team members. We will leave this up to the Teams to determine.
There are lots of ways to put a team together. One of the most effective ways is to find 1-2 people that are interested and excited for the race and have them recruit as friends, family, coworkers, etc. Teams can also utilize the Peak to Brew Facebook Page to help find team members as well. Facebook is also a good resource if you are a lone runner looking to join a team, but do not have enough runners to make your own Team. Here are a few more recommendations: Put one person in charge of filling each van for Standard Teams. That way two people are trying to find 5 people each (divide and conquer). Have friends of friends join the Team. This is a great way to meet new people and develop new friendships. Give yourself as much time as possible to put your team together. It's much easier to recruit people when they have time to train and arrange their schedule. Don't just look for runners. Lots of people that are involved in other sports and are in reasonably good shape would love to join your team. If you can only put together a half team of 6 people try using the Peak to Brew Facebook page to find another 6 person team to join up with.
Only one team member runs at a time, from one exchange to another. The rest of their team drives ahead and cheers their runner on and offers support. When the current runner nears the end of their leg, the next runner waits for them at the exchange. The current runner then hands off the Peak to Brew baton (a snap bracelet) to the next runner standing by and they begin their leg. After all 6 runners from Van 1 complete their legs, they meet up with runners 7-12 at a Major Exchange and the cycle begins again with Van 2. When your van is not currently running, you will have a few hours to rest and refuel until it’s your turn to start running again.
No, Each team must provide their own vans. The ideal choices are 12-15 passenger vans, mini-vans, or SUV’s. All vehicles will need to be registered and insured and meet the Van Requirements outlined on the Peak to Brew Rules & Regulations webpage in order to be used for the Peak to Brew Relay.
The Peak to Brew starts are staggered throughout the day from 5:00am –1:00pm at the top of Whiteface Mt Veterans Memorial Hwy. Team start times are based on the average team pace. Slower teams start earlier, while faster teams start later. The goal is to have teams finish in a shorter time window at the Brewery to celebrate finishing the ULTIMATE relay experience.
Your Team Registration includes all fees for the race. However, as Volunteers are the lifeblood of the event, we offer a Volunteer Refund Incentive for Teams to receive a refund if they provide volunteers:
The Peak to Brew Relay was founded in 2015 by Jason Croniser and Tim Skjellerup. Both Jason and Tim are native Central New York residences and call many of the places along the course home. The idea was founded while hiking the Great Range in the Adirondack High Peaks and enjoying some cold Saranacs around the campfire.
Please send an email to and we can help you get your password reset.
When you complete the team registration process you will receive an email confirmation. You can also log onto the Run Signup registration link at and you will be able to see your team there. This is also a helpful page for managing your Team:
All participants must be at least 16 years old and all participants 18 and under must submit a participation waiver signed by a parent or guardian.
The deadlines for the Peak to Brew Relay can be found here:
All team registration is done online at Run Signup:
Absolutely Yes! We love fans at the start and finish lines! Be sure to stay in contact with your friends and family so they know your approximate finish time so you can all enjoy the Peak to Brew Fest together. There are also a lot of family friendly attractions along the course.
We strongly recommend that you find a replacement. Make sure that your replacement runner registers online and joins your team so they can sign the waiver and provide their emergency contact information. To remove and add a runner visit this page:
No, We have runners of all skill levels and experience. We only require that your average team pace is, 10 min/mile or faster, so that your team has enough time to finish the race within our window so you can have fun at the Peak to Brew Fest.
No, Dedicated drivers are not required. Most teammates take turns driving. If you do choose to have a dedicated driver for your team please remember that does not count as a volunteer.
Yes, you can have less than 12 runners. We do permit teams to run with any number of runners from 4 to 12 runners. Teams with any number of runners other than 6 or 12 should treat the open spots as the happy runner legs. Teams are free to determine who can run the happy runner open spots. We understand that injuries and other items arise that may cause a runner to drop out from a Team. Therefore, we will give the Teams the flexibility to determine how they would like to complete those legs.
The legs are rated on a combination of both the distance, elevation change, and terrain difficulty.
Train as you would for a half marathon. Its always good to have a solid fitness base so it is important to stay active year round by doing activities you enjoy. It is good to start you official training program for the Peak to Brew 9-13 weeks out from the race. If your training goes well and you feel good try to increase your mileage by 8-10% each week. Because you will be running 4 legs at a minimum during the race, try doing 2 moderate runs a day 1 or 2 days a week spread out 4-5 hours from each other. Get into a good stretching/mobility routine and try to do it in between your runs. This will prepare your body for multiple runs in one day. Get your team together and do a few training runs and have fun!
It is good to have 4 sets of running clothes along with dry comfy clothes to change into after your run. Click the link to see the full packing list. Each runner MUST also have their own reflective vest. Each van must have 2 headlamps and 2 flashing LED lights and 2 caution flags. Example Packing List: SAFETY GEAR (REQUIRED): Reflective Vest (Required for every runner) Headlamp (Required – 2 per van) Taillight (Required – 2 per van) Caution Flags (Required - 2 per van) Hand Flash light – Not required, but awesome to have. **In case of emergency contacts handy for each runner Extra emergency medication needed i.e. epi pen (stored in a place that all team members are aware of) CLOTHING: Team shirts Costumes/ Accessories Four sets of running cloths (eight for ultra-teams): Shirt or tank top Running shorts and Compression shorts Socks Sports Bra/Underwear Running shoes Light jacket (Rain layer) Warm hoodie or jacket Compression socks or sleeves Compression Socks Running Hat Warm Hat Sweatpants and cozy clothes for the van Flip flops or Sandals ACCESSORIES: Smartphone (with the RaceJoy app pre downloaded) Car compatible phone charger Video Camera/ GoPro Cowbells/ Noise Makers Sunglasses Running Belt Headphones Running Watch/GPS Activity Tracker Sleeping bag/ Pillow/ Blanket/sleeping mat Portable Massage Roller Hydration belt Reusable water bottle VAN ITEMS: Van decorating supplies Team Van Magnets LED lights for inside/outside of van Cooler Ice Trash and Recycling Liners First Aid Kit Brew Book Pace Calculator Toiletries: Deodorant Sunblock/ Lip Balm Bobby pins/ hair ties Comb/brush Anti-chafe powder or cream Toothbrush/ Toothpaste RE-FUEL: Food of your choice Water – It is a good idea to bring a big cooler of water and fill up reusable water bottles, this will minimize waste. Electrolyte Tablets/Drinks
You will need to be wearing your head lamp and tail led light along with your reflective vest but other than that the night is yours. Settle in and enjoy the serenity of the night run, it very well may end up being your favorite part of the race.
We recommend 12-15 passenger vans, SUV's, or Mini-Vans. We don't allow anything larger than a 15 passenger van (approx. 20 ft. long). We do not allow any vehicle wider than 6'6" and/or longer than 20'. Motor-homes, RV’s, campers, trailers, buses or limos are not allowed on the course and/or at the exchanges by any team or spectator at any time. Unfortunately if your teams vehicle does not meet these standards it will result in disqualification. For any questions about the legality of team vehicle, please contact us at prior to the race for approval.
We assign start times based upon your team’s average pace. It is therefore EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that all of your teammates enter their correct pace. This pace is the pace (min/mile) that they would run a 10K race (for Ultra teams use a 1/2 Marathon). If your team enters incorrect, exaggerated, or slower paces they should login to their Peak to Brew user accounts and enter a realistic 10K min/mile race pace (again – 1/2Marathon for Ultra teams). Team captains do not have the ability to update/change their runners’ paces; it must be done by the individual runners themselves.
You Bet There Is! Hang around after the race at the Peak to Brew Fest located at the historic Saranac Brewery for Food, Music and of course BEER. Connect with the rest of your team and enjoy the festivities. FREE beer will be given to all Runners and Volunteers.
Yes, there will be showers at some of the Major Exchange locations.
Yes, there will be some food available for free and for purchase. We will have snacks available at some of the Major Exchange locations and the finish. There will be fundraising events at some of the Major Exchanges. Food Trucks will be available at the Post Race Party.
Yes, as long as you do not distort the logo in anyway. Visit this page for logo:
No, There are no team refunds once the team registration is complete.
We will send out an email to the team captains approximately 4 weeks before the race notifying them of the teams start time.
Team captains can request a start time and we will do our best to get you as close to that time as possible. However, due to course considerations and your team pace we can not guarantee a certain start time. Therefore assigned start times can not be changed.
Yes you can. Your team will have to get you up to speed on what was learned at the safety briefing. Please also make sure that you have a location off course for you to leave your vehicle as you will not be able to park it at one of our exchange locations.
Runner positions stay in the same order for the full duration of the race. For example, Runner #1 will run legs 1, 13, 25 and 37. Runner #2 will run legs 2, 14, 26 and 38. Your team captain can assign and change runner positions anytime until race starts but once the first 12 legs of the race are run, the runner order is set for the duration of the race.
If a runner on your team becomes injured during the run, a teammate from the same van can finish that runners leg. The remaining leg/s must be run by someone from that same van but are not required to be run by the same runner.
For the most part yes however there are some sections of the course that are “No Van Support”. No members of your team are allowed out of the van to support the runner on “No Van Support” legs.
Run pacers are allowed during nighttime hours only. The run pacer must wear all the same safety gear as the runner. The run pacer can be, but does not have to be, a member of the team however if your pacer is a non team member they are required to sign a waiver. Please run single file when pacing.