How Relay’s Transformed My Perspective on Running


By: Rob from the "ADK Honey Badger Team"

I can remember the first time I realized that I hated to run. It was in 8th grade and that time of year where every student had to run a mile. How fast you ran that mile would determine the shape your heart was in. I had lost my Father to a heart attack at a young age so heart health was important to me. However, I never broke the 11-minute mile marker, not once. From that moment on, I despised running and anyone that loved running must be insane.


So why is it, after 18 years I find myself writing a blog post on my first Relay Race, and 2 more races after? In a word, relationships, relationships are what its all about. It can be a relationship with yourself, the world around you or your friends.  The relay race was really designed to focus on the later.  Ultimately, the same group I ran the relay race with, was ultimately the same group that changed my life in the aspect of what running and hiking meant to me on an emotional level, which is a much longer story.



When you go through a certain amount of time with your team, the running through the nights, the planning for support, the grueling legs that you might have to face, it brings you closer together. I can honestly say that after the experience the sorest part of my body was in fact my jaw, from smiling and laughing so much.


Here are a few bullet points for your first relay race, from someone who experienced it first hand:

  • Bring the fuel you’re used to
  • Bring plenty of water
  • Don’t bring everything you own (I did this and I could never find anything)
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously


Really that’s it, outside of your Team Captain’s necessity list and the standard race wisdom (don’t use new ANYTHING), its really pretty straight forward, and for those people who’ve found a new love of running, or people who just want to hang out for the weekend. I think a relay race is a great time, and I can’t wait for my next one. 


For more information on the Peak to Brew Relay and how to transform your running experience click on the following: Peak to Brew Relay

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