P2B - Rules & Regulations_Page_01PEAK TO BREW: RULES & REGULATIONS

Our #1 priority for the Peak to Brew Relay is to ensure Team and Runner safety on the course and throughout the event.  We want everyone to have a fun and amazing experience and be safe while doing so. 

Please be sure everyone on your Team familiarizes themselves with the Rules and Regulations of the Peak to Brew Relay Race (attached below).  If the at anytime the Rules and Regulations set forth by the event are broken you and your Team may be disqualified from the event.

If you have any questions on the Rules & Regulations please contact Bark Eater Events, LLC at Peak2Brew@P2BRelay.com






  • Team Pace will need to be between 7:00-10:00 min/mile

**NOTE: Enforced time windows will be in place for Teams at each Major Exchange (and last 5 Minor Exchanges) to ensure Teams finish within the specified time windows for safety purposes!!  If your estimated pace is outside of the required pace windows, don't sweat it, Teams will be asked to hold temporarily (if to fast) or jump ahead to catch back up (if to slow).  We will not disqualify your Team as we want you to have fun and ensure safety measures at the same time.