If you are looking to find a Team to join for the Peak to Brew Relay please enter your information below.  Provide as much information as possible to assist Teams that are searching for runners.  If a Team is interested in having you join their Team they will contact you at your email provided. 

Thank you for entering the RUNNER TANK and BEST OF LUCK FINDING A TEAM!!



If you are looking to find a Runner to join your Team please use the below Search Box or look at the below Runner Tank table to find a runner to meet your Teams qualifications.  Please contact the Runner with their provided email address.  It is up to Teams to coordinate with the Runners to join their Team.



First NameLast NameCityStateGenderAverage 10K Pace (min/mile)Standard or Ultra TeamNotes
Nate Sharadin Syracuse NY Male 7:35 Standard or Ultra Prefer standard, happy to do ultra
Leann Hill E concord New York Female 9:50 Standard Low drama! Love meeting people, random events and weekend excursions. I've ran 2 half marathons.
Cecilia Poulin Saranac Lake New York Female 8:30 Standard I've completed 3 half marathons
Cecilia Poulin Saranac Lake New York Female 8:30 Standard I've completed 3 half marathons
Rachel Mashtare Granville NY Female 10:00 Standard
Jordan Egert Washington DC Male 7:45 Standard or Ultra Looks awesome but not enough friends interested! Happy to do the heavy lifting to set this up ! Looking to have an awesome time with you guys !!!!
Joshua Madigan Rochester NY Male 9 Standard
Louis Fancher Newtown PA Male 7:45 Standard or Ultra I'll be fresh off IMLP so I should be in great shape. I've got 4 IM's and 1 50 miler under my belt.
Michael Tweed Delhi ny Male 7:20 Standard or Ultra
Kelly Kirk Taberg New York Female 8 Standard or Ultra This event looks awesome! I don't have 11 friends crazy enough to run this with me so I am looking to join a team.
Philip Huber Inlet Ny Male 8 Standard or Ultra I ran P2B last year with a team that picked me up from the runners tank. Enjoyed the blistering heat on this hilly course so much, I'd like to do it again.
Eric Kreckel Morrisonville NY Male 8 Standard Familiar with the race - ran the inaugural 2 years ago. Easy to get along with and I like to have fun :).
Bruce Phillips Croton on Hudson NY Male 8:00 Standard or Ultra
Jennifer Donohue Saranac NY Female 7:30-8 Standard
Colin Richards Jacksonville Fl Male 45 Standard
Doug Peck Saranac Lake New York Male 8:50 Standard or Ultra I have run several ragnars and was a captain on one. I would have no problem help coordinating a team. I live in the Adirondacks and is very familiar with this route.
Darcy Rickard Cohoes NY Female 10 min/mile (10k) Standard or Ultra I've run the Adk Ragnat standard team. Im a non-drama, easy to live in a van with team mate. Could get it together to run the ultra.
Kyle Kriegbaum Troy NY Male 7:30 Standard Willing to help with some of the planning, but know I couldn't pull it off on my own. Also know 1-2 other runners that are interested. 7:30 is a spot on guess, may actually be 5-10 seconds/mile faster but have no problem joining a team that has no pace