The Peak to Brew VIP Brew Crew is a group of fun loving people who are passionate about the Peak to Brew Relay and want to stay involved with the P2B Community throughout the year.



  • Latest P2B Gear FREE (Shirts, hats, and other cool stuff before anyone else)
  • Invitations to company related events (ex: Happy Hours, Hiking Trips, Community Service Projects, etc.)
  • A $120 Off Discount Code For Registering a Team for The Peak to Brew Relay
    • $120 Off Discount Code will be emailed upon completion of 2 expos and is good for one use only
    • If your team has multiple members that are part of the Peak to Brew VIP Crew you are welcome to use more than one discount code at the time of registration (ex: 2 VIP team members would be $240 off team registration, 3 VIP member would be $360 off team registration, etc.)
    • If you are joining a team that has already paid after you receive your discount code don’t worry all is not lost. We will credit back $120 to whomever paid the team registration online.
  • A chance to represent Peak to Brew at other races on our exclusive ADK Honey Badgers race team
  • Provided with a full Race/Event Expo setup to be shared with other VIP Brew Crew Members in your area
  • P2B Staff will take care of booking and paying for the Expo/Booth Fees where P2B will be setup



  • Support at least 2 Race/Event Expo Booths throughout the year (SEE BELOW EVENT LIST or Lets Us Know of Other Events)
  • Help us to spread the word about Peak to Brew and share our Social Media posts with fellow runners
  • Let us now about any local races, expos, and events that we may not have heard of
  • Sign a waiver on Run Signup (Our insurance company insisted on this…)

As soon as we have all of your contact information and the signed waiver we will send you your VIP Brew Crew Welcome Package. We will also contact you to establish your availability to cover events in your area.


If you are interested in supporting another local Northeast Event that would be good to promote P2B Please Let Us Know.  Preferably the Event would be a Running Event with 1,000+ Runners.


Interested in representing the Peak to Brew Relay as a VIP while running your favorite race?  Sign up for our Peak to Brew VIP on the run program. Here's how it works:

  • Pick a race you want to run that has at least 1000 participants
  • Email us at volunteer@p2brelay.com letting us know the race you are interested in running (web link to the race and your t-shirt size)

After we give you the go ahead and you register for the Race, We will mail you:

  • P2B Postcards
  • E-mail collection sheets
  • Peak to Brew gear to be worn on race day

On race day you will be responsible for:

  • Collecting at least 25 email addressed
  • Passing out at least 200 post cards before or after the race
  • You will also have to wear your Peak to Brew Relay gear before, during, and after the race

After the race:

  • Transfer the email addressed to an excel spreadsheet and email back to volunteer@p2brelay.com
  • Email us your Registration receipt for the race and a link to the race results

As soon as we have received the email address and we see your name in the results of the race we will reimburse you up to $100. You will also receive $120 off of your next Peak to Brew Relay event if you complete 2 VIP on the Run Races. NOTE: This offer is limited to 2 races per VIP volunteer.

If you are interested email us at volunteer@p2brelay.com and put "VIP ON THE RUN" in the subject line.