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Peak 2 Brew (P2B) offers 2 different types of Relay Events:

ROAD Relay

ROAD Relays = Long Distance Van Supported Running Relay from a PEAK to a BREW. ROAD Relays consist of two different event types; BARK EATER & SPRINT Relays. The BARK EATER Relay: 2 Day Overnight Event (Camp at Halfway Checkpoint), ~130 miles over 24 legs conquered by 3-6 Runners on a Team. The SPRINT Relay: Single Day event (follows second half of BARK EATER course), ~60 miles over 12 legs conquered by 3-6 Runners on a Team


TRAIL Relays = Single Day Trail Running Relay at a PEAK Resort with a BREW base camp. The TRAIL Relay consists of a TEAM Relay and an INDIVIDUAL (LONE WOLF) event. TEAMs will run relay style completing multiple Trail loops where runner transitions will occur at the BREW Base Camp. LONE WOLF runners will run 1 or multiple loops and check in at the BREW Base Camp after each loop.

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The P2B Relay Events for 2024 will consist of 1 Road Relay & 1 Trail Relay