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Peak 2 Brew (P2B) Relay provides Runners a Unique Team Relay Race Experience...the ULTIMATE Relay Experience. We start you at a PEAK, take you along a scenic and challenging course, and finish you at the BREW. All P2B Events are Team based Running Relay Races. If you love running and conquering new challenges in life all while creating unforgettable memories with your friends/family then P2B is what you are looking for...

1. Select Your Race Type: BEAST or SPRINT
2. Organize your Team of Runners: Friends, Family, Co-workers, Club Members, Friends of Friends, etc.

Pile into your van(s)
Run "Relay Style" From Peak 2 Brew

P2B offers 2 different types of Team Running Relay Events:

BEAST Relays = Long Distance Overnight Van Supported Running Relay; 220+ miles over 42 legs conquered by 6-12 Runners on a Team. The BEAST of the East, founded in 2015, is the original and ULTIMATE P2B Relay from Whiteface Mt to Saranac Brewery.

SPRINT Relays = Long Distance Single Day Van Supported Running Relay; 60+ miles over 12 legs conquered by 3-6 Runners on a Team. The P2B SPRINT Relay Series provides all levels of runners the opportunity to experience P2B in 1 Day and train for the BEAST!!

P2B Event Type Comparison

If you are new to Running or Team Relay Races we recommend starting with the SPRINT Relays. The SPRINT Relay provides runners with the flexibility to complete a P2B style relay in a single day and with only having to run ~10 miles total over 2 Separate Legs.

Looking for the ULTIMATE Relay Experience...if so then the BEAST of the East Relay is the Relay for you. The P2B ADK BEAST Relay (aka BEAST of the East) is the original P2B event from Whiteface Mt 2 Saranac Brewery. The 220+ mile course will take Teams of 6-12 Runners on an Epic Journey through the Adirondacks in NY



All P2B Team Relay Events require a Team of Runners and a Team Support Vehicle (provided by the Teams). Once you determine your Event Type (BEAST or SPRINT) then it's time to organize your Team and plan for the Event:

  1. EVENT TYPE: Determine which P2B Event you are going to participate in and if it is a SPRINT or BEAST Relay

  2. ORGANIZE TEAM: Teams can be fellow friends, family, co-workers, friends of friends, etc. We recommend Team Captains to find a Co-Captain for the Team so you can divide and conquer finding runners to join your Team. For BEAST Teams with 2 Vans you should have a Co-Captain for each Van.

    • NOTE: If your having a hard time filling your Team or have runners that have to backout...check out the P2B RUNNERS TANK

  3. TEAM CHECKLIST: Check out the P2B TEAM CHECKLIST to ensure you complete all the items required for your Team to be prepared for P2B

  4. TRAINING: Make sure you and your Team train for P2B. We also recommend getting the Team together a couple times before race day to make sure everyone is in sync with what to do on Race Day.


The time has come for Race Day...what do I do now? For all P2B Events there will only be 1 runner from a Team running at a given time and there will always be someone from the Team running. Runner #1 will start the race at the PEAK. After Runner #1 starts, the Team Van will drive ahead to the next Exchange point and wait for Runner #1 to enter the Exchange. Runner #2 will get out of the Team Vehicle and wait for Runner #1 in the Exchange Transition Area. Runner #1 will then hand off to Runner #2 and Runner #2 will continue to the next Exchange. Runner #1 will then get into the Team Vehicle and drive ahead to the next Exchange. This will continue until all Runners on the Team have run there first Leg.

  • BEAST TEAMS (ONLY): After each runner in Van #1 have run their first legs they will meet Van #2 at a Major Exchange and the last runner in Van #1 will transition to the first runner in Van #2.

After each Runner has completed their first leg, then the cycle will start again at Runner #1 for each runner to then run their second leg. This will continue depending on which event type you are running and depending on how many runners you have on your Team.

When do we finish at the BREW? After each Runner has run their Legs and all Legs of the Course have been completed then the last Runner on the Team will lead the Team to the Finish at the BREW. We encourage all Runners from the Team to meet your last runner close to the finish and then run across the Finish Line together as a did it as a Team so finish as a Team!! At the BREW it's time to PARTY!! Kick back relax, eat some food, drink some BREW, and relive your P2B Experience with your Team and other P2B Teams.


  • LEG = Distance from one Exchange to the next Exchange. This is what we call the portion of the course that each runner runs from Exchange to Exchange.

  • EXCHANGE = Predetermined location on the course where a Leg ends and Runners Transition from one to the next.

    • MINOR EXCHANGE = For Sprint Races all Exchanges are Minor Exchanges. For Beast Races all Exchanges between Major Exchanges are Minor Exchanges and only 1 Team Vehicle will stop at these.

    • MAJOR EXCHANGE = For Beast Races ONLY. This is where both Team Vehicles meet up and the last runner in one Vehicle hands off to the first runner in the other Vehicle.

  • KILL = This is when a Runner passes another Runner on the Course

    • If a Runner on your Team Passes a Runner on another Team = +1 KILL

    • If a Runner on another Team Passes a Runner on your Team = -1 KILL