Runners Tank

Interested in Running the Peak to Brew Relay, but don't have a Team or don't know enough people to form a Team? If so enter the Runners Tank.


Looking for Runners who want to join a Team? Have an Injured Runner or Runner who had to back out? Unable to find enough Runners to complete your Team? Looking to find people to make your own Team?

If so then you are in the right spot to find runners interested in being a part of P2B!

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First NameLast NameGenderPhonePace (min/mile)Preferred DistanceTeam TypeCaptain InterestNotes
Kristina Hugar Female 6075920013 8:20 10-15 Standard Team No Back to running after an injury. Looking to have fun with people who love running (and beer) as much as I do. It's been awhile, but I've done 5 Ragnars, so know a bit about relays.
Mark Newman Male 9:00 20+ Ultra Team No Potentially lookingfor a 4pack for bark eater. Live in VA butwould come up for race. Ran thevery 1st P2B and had a blast. Pace should be faster by aug.d
Kristen Korman Female 3152713922 1:05 20+ Any Team No Looking to join a team for the overnight adk run (im not fast but will run any leg and any distance) . Did the peak 2 brew in 2022 ran the honey badger section (loved it still run that leg as part of my trainings) Ran my first marathon in Disney for the D
Ashley Willson Female (518) 332-8405 7:30 min/mile 15-20 Any Team Yes I've been running since 2009. Completed several Ragnars and 8 marathons. I am coming off an injury so I'm working on getting my speed and endurance back. I love relay events!
Adrienne Jantzi Female 3154867701 10:15 15-20 Standard Team No I have ran the ADK sprint three years now. Looking to run the legs associated with the Honey Badger.
Dawn Koval Female 607-607-5944 10min/mile 10-15 Standard Team No Hi. I'm living in Fl. But grew up near the finger lakes. Looking to join a finger lakes or Adirondack team. I've ran in 4 trail Ragnars....Fl, Atlanta GA, Kentucky, and Mt Rainier.
Beth Dexter Female 914-441-3607 9:00 10-15 Standard Team No
Debra Green Female 13154167442 10:45 10-15 Any Team No NY Run For the Fallen
Alexis Hampson Female US+19709038005 10:00 10-15 Standard Team Yes A friend is doing the ADK run and I’ll be out of town, but I’m interested in the Catskills run! I just Participated in the Boilermaker after my first ever running event! I am Hooked! I don’t have any friends that are interested in something like, so