Runners Tank

Interested in Running the Peak to Brew Relay, but don't have a Team or don't know enough people to form a Team? If so enter the Runners Tank.


Looking for Runners who want to join a Team? Have an Injured Runner or Runner who had to back out? Unable to find enough Runners to complete your Team? Looking to find people to make your own Team?

If so then you are in the right spot to find runners interested in being a part of P2B!

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First NameLast NameGenderPhonePace (min/mile)Preferred DistanceTeam TypeCaptain InterestNotes
Katie Phillips Female (914) 621-2373 6:50 10-15 Standard No
Nick Accordino Male 7168617618 8:30 min/mile 15-20 Any Team No 33 y/o, I enjoy running, hiking, outdoor field sports such as soccer and Gaelic football. I ran competitively in high school and played collegiate soccer and lacrosse. I now run recreationally and for general fitness. I spend a lot of time in the Adironda
Crystal Jeffs Female 646-467-0122 I’m just starting to train ~12’ 10-15 Standard Yes I’ve done endurance cycling years now and look forward to switching to running, to train for P2B!
Debra Green Female 3154167442 11 15-20 Any Team No
Tasha Demlein Female 3158775107 10:00 15-20 Any Team No
Daniel Wallace Male 518-275-1879 8:45 20+ Any Team Yes Just a runner who loves new challenges and being part of a team! Ragnar, P2B '18, Marathon Finisher 2x's and over a dozen half-marathons.
Melissa Ruiz Female 8564953208 9:30 15-20 Any Team No
Timothy Foster Male 9:00 20+ Any Team No
natalie choy Female 8178802171 6:50 20+ Ultra No
Alexander Nofri Male (315) 939-2827 6:50 20+ Any Team No Really want to do this race this year! My normal 10k pace is a 6:50, but if running more miles my pace is normally around 7:15. Have completed marathon/half marathons.
James Day Male 845-467-1321 8:30 15-20 Standard No
Phil Huber Male 3152783054 7:30 15-20 Any Team No I have run P2B twice so far and love it. The ADK relay runs right by my house in Inlet. But I'd love to try one of the other ones, too. My van was used as team vehicle one year, and would be open to that possibility. I'm very flexible and can run most
Kim Duvall Female 5707941547 09:45 15-20 Any Team No I would love to join a team!!
Kathryn Knerr Female 10:30 10-15 Standard No I've never been a part of a running relay event but it's something I've kept my eye on over the past few years. I'm ready to take on the challenge with experienced teammates.
Test Test Male 315-525-7371 7:00 10-15 Any Team Yes This is a Test Entry
Jeff Szemeczko Male 315-225-9580 10:50 15-20 Standard No looking to join a team that is out to have fun, and not super competitive. Looking to join a team for the 2020 race.
Eric Holloway Male 315-816-2674 10:00/1 mile 15-20 Standard No Looking to join a non-competitive team. Ran it last year, but could find enough interested this year to register a team.
Carol Shatley Female 5183683608 11:30 10-15 Standard No updating my runner's tank info. looking for a Sprint team if you're in need of a non-competitor participant. First relay. Slow, but reliable and consistent.
Elizabeth Chauhan Female 5188107292 7:00 20+ Ultra Yes Fun non-competitive. I was/am registered with a team that now can't run. Pretty bummed but I would be happy to join a team. I have done 4 relays 3 as an ultra runner.
Steve Zito Male 5182224719 8:40 20+ Any Team No Done 5 Ragnars . Never this. Normal guy. School teacher. No felonies
Stephanie Osborn Female 315.269.4104 10:45 10-15 Standard No I am interested in the Sprint and have a possible second female friend that would be willing to join to round out a team. I don't mind taking the lead of 'captain' if needed. I also have access to an SUV for the team, sorry no van (all the cool soccer mom
Beth Dexter Female 914-441-3607 8:30 15-20 Any Team No
Brian Willis Male 3157302470 8:30 10-15 Standard No This seems like a fun race but I don't really have runner friends
Kayla Slater Female 3157309980 8:00 20+ Standard No I'm an experienced marathon runner, but will be my first P2B experience!
matt connelly Male 5187635472 9min/mile 20+ Standard No
Laura Gallery Female 518-512-7163 9:30-11:00 10-15 Standard No I've wanted to run this for long time but injury + not knowing enough other runners to form a team has held me back. I am still coming back from over-use injuries but I should be good by August! I am not very fast but I am steady, consistent, and will f
Chris Ault Male 6108448811 7:30 20+ Ultra No Can’t find any other runners to make my own team, but want to run. Just looking to have a great time!
Caitlin Bradley Female 5853018208 9:30 10-15 Standard No
Carol Shatley Female 518-368-3608 10:45 15-20 Standard No Looking for a fun, non-competitive team. Never done a relay before
Carla Schlist Female 518-210-2944 11:00 10-15 Any Team No First time participant. Looking for a team not too hung up on pace. I’m slow but I’m strong and consistent.
Brew Crew Female XXX-XXX-XXXX 6:30 10-15 Ultra Yes The BREW CREW Supports You