Interested in Running the Peak to Brew Relay, but don't have a Team or don't know enough people to form a Team?  If so enter the Runners Tank.


Looking for Runners who want to join a Team?  Have an Injured Runner or Runner who had to back out?  Unable to find enough Runners to complete your Team?  Looking to find people to make your own Team?

If so then you are in the right spot to find runners interested in being a part of P2B!

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First NameLast NameGenderPhonePace (min/mile)Preferred DistanceTeam TypeCaptain InterestNotes
Kayla Slater Female 3157309980 8:00 20+ Standard No I'm an experienced marathon runner, but will be my first P2B experience!
matt connelly Male 5187635472 9min/mile 20+ Standard No
Laura Gallery Female 518-512-7163 9:30-11:00 10-15 Standard No I've wanted to run this for long time but injury + not knowing enough other runners to form a team has held me back. I am still coming back from over-use injuries but I should be good by August! I am not very fast but I am steady, consistent, and will f
Chris Ault Male 6108448811 7:30 20+ Ultra No Can’t find any other runners to make my own team, but want to run. Just looking to have a great time!
Caitlin Bradley Female 5853018208 9:30 10-15 Standard No
Carol Shatley Female 518-368-3608 10:45 15-20 Standard No Looking for a fun, non-competitive team. Never done a relay before
Alejandro Gauna Male 5753129432 6:30 20+ Any Team No Looking to join a fun team. I am an experienced marathoner willing to run any legs.
Lauren Cater Female 8022822705 8:00/mile 15-20 Any Team No
Carla Schlist Female 518-210-2944 11:00 10-15 Any Team No First time participant. Looking for a team not too hung up on pace. I’m slow but I’m strong and consistent.
Brew Crew Female XXX-XXX-XXXX 6:30 10-15 Ultra Yes The BREW CREW Supports You